The Trusted Choice Exceptional Performance, B25-254 and B25-224 Fanuc Servo Motor Bearings

We take great pride in introducing our bearings of exceptional performance - B25-254 and B25-224!  These premium bearings have been successfully used in Fanuc servo motors at renowned companies like Foxconn and Samsung. The fretting resistant & long-life servomotor bearings are utilized where precise motion control is vitally important. Filled with high performance grease these bearings reduce fretting damage caused by micro vibrations resulting in extended bearing life.

Product Features
• Super precision - P4 (ABEC-7)
• Ceramic ball
• Excellent oxidation and heat stability
• Excellent rust prevention
• Excellent low temperature characteristics
• Low noise
• Negligible effect on rubbers and plastics

• Superior grease properties extend high temperature service life 1.5 times
• Restricts fretting corrosion
• Low torque/minimal power loss even at low starting temperatures
• Quieter servomotor operation, less vibration
• Excellent bearing corrosion protection in humid conditions

Condition Description
• Corrosive Environment
• High Accuracy
• Vibration

• Automotive
• Domestic Appliances
• Electric Motors
• Material Handling

Fanuc Servo Motor for Foxconn or Samsung 

The bearings offers equivalent outstanding performance to brands like NSK and GMN, our B25-254 and B25-224 bearings come at a more competitive price, providing you with excellent value for money.

We sincerely invite you to join the ranks of our hundreds of satisfied customers and choose B25-254 and B25-224 bearings for your Fanuc servo motors. We believe this will be your best choice for improving equipment performance and reducing maintenance costs.

Contact our sales team today to learn more about the detailed specifications of B25-254 and B25-224 bearings. Let's collaborate to inject more outstanding performance and reliability into your industrial production! 

Choose B25-254 and B25-224 for a guaranteed success!

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