Non-standard bearings and bearing customization services.

Facing the ever-changing industry demands, the limitations of standard bearings have become increasingly prominent. As a leader in the bearing field, we deeply understand that each customer has unique technical requirements and application scenarios. This is why we set up the "Non-Standard/Customized Bearings" section - to provide truly personalized solutions and unleash the infinite possibilities brought by customization.

Our strong R&D capabilities in engineering is the cornerstone. We have brought together bearing experts and designers from top universities, all with rich industry experience. Advanced analytical instruments ensure we can quickly and accurately test the various parameters of bearings; professional design software helps us create customized products from scratch while we can also optimize and modify existing bearings. From material selection to process flow to production manufacturing, our team will serve you all-round, efficiently realizing one-stop customization from scheme to batch delivery.

We break through limitations and explore more possibilities for you. No matter spherical bearings, roller bearings, thrust bearings or other types, as long as you have a requirement, we can develop customized solutions. Various materials such as steel, plastic, ceramics are available, and different surface treatments can meet different load requirements. We can even provide system-level optimization for entire equipment, designing bearing systems with better performance and longer service life.

Choosing us means embracing the power of change. Non-standard bearings are no longer a luxury configuration for the very few, but a common choice for those seeking excellence like you and me. Compared to standard products, customized bearings can bring substantive benefits such as improved equipment performance, lower long-term maintenance costs, and extended service life. Here, every custom requirement is our drive for innovation. Your challenge is our opportunity.

Over the years, many well-known companies have chosen to cooperate with us in the field of non-standard bearings to overcome difficulties and create glory. No matter which industry you are in, or what unique technical problems you have, we welcome you to propose customization needs. We have the confidence and ability to provide you with optimal solutions.

Believe in customization, create infinite possibilities. We look forward to starting a new chapter of non-standard bearing applications with you!

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